The Greens cordially invites you to join us in a new, exciting, competitive, and championship style league featuring some of today’s biggest Celebrities and Social Influencers.

The Greens Golf Association

Be part of an exclusive community establishing a new golf league
and Championship Series that is by Invitation Only!

The Greens is an All-New and Exclusive Golf Association that will provide the atmosphere of an established tournament environment,
and an unparalleled platform for raising awareness and funds for deserving charities and foundations.
The Greens will redefine the luxury and competitive golf experience.

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Some of the unique attributes in joining The Greens Golf Association will include, but not be limited to the following:

Invitation Only

Be part of an exclusive community establishing a new golf league and Championship Series that is by Invitation Only!


An Exclusive Golf Tournament Series that will incorporate the Celebrities, Social Influencers and Tastemakers alike.


Events will establish competitive play between our league members featuring prizes for winners of each category for both net and gross scores


The Greens will serve as consummate platform for fundraising, donating a portion of the proceeds from each event to Winners’ Charity of choice

Luxury Tournaments

League members compete against each other through top notch, luxury tournaments and events.

Points & Rankings

League members receive points based on play and rankings where cumulative scores will culminate to a Finale Series crowning a true Champion at the end of each year.

Scrambles and Shambles

League members will battle it out on the course in various game platforms including individual scores, two-some scrambles and two-some shambles.

Multiple Courses & Locations

Weekend Greens Association Getaway Tournaments located in Palms Springs, Napa Valley, San Diego, Las Vegas, Scottsdale, and Dallas just to name a few.

Par Challenges

Ancillary member events will include par 3 challenges, Driving range demonstrations, challenges and celebrity gifting.

Virtual Country Club

The Greens will act as a Country Club without real estate, allowing members to establish a true handicap and beneficial golf privileges.

Previous Events

As a Greens Association Member,
you will receive special offers and exclusive privileges, including but not limited to:

  • Golf Concierge Services and Luxury Benefits
  • Luxury lifestyle and Travels Offers
  • Sponsorship and Luxury Gifting Experiences
  • First Class Travel and Accommodations
  • Unforgettable Golf and Entertainment Experiences

Are You Ready?

Sign up and Join Now, and be part of the most unique and exclusive golf experience available!